Sea Shepherd assists Gabon in arrest of illegal trawler inside Marine Protected Area

Monday, Jul 29, 2019

Albacore 2016-2019

Sea Shepherd Returns to Patrol Africa’s Largest Marine Protected Area

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019

Albacore 2016-2019

Sea Shepherd Concludes Operation Albacore III Against Illegal Fishing in Central West Africa

Friday, Oct 26, 2018

Albacore 2016-2019

European commercial fishing vessel busted in Africa for shark finning

Wednesday, Sep 26, 2018

Albacore 2016-2019

Foreign Poaching Vessels Face Charges for Fishing in Gabonese Marine Reserve

Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018

Albacore 2016-2019

Three Illegal Fishing Vessels Arrested: Sea Shepherd returns to Gabon to help protect Africa’s largest marine protected area

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2018

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